About Woody's Auto Center in Columbia, MO

Welcome to Woody's Auto Center, a family owned and operated full service auto repair shop, located in Columbia, MO.

Woody's Auto Center in Columbia, MO

A brief history of Woody's Auto Center:

In 1957 Woodrow Tate, also known as "Woody", started his own auto repair shop in a locale two bay garage which had been used as the main office for a local coal re-seller. In the early 70s his step son (Jim Atkinson) bought the business from his stepfather and expanded into the Livery Stable across the street. In the early 80s they expanded even further and tore down the old Livery Stable and built their current facility.

Mike Dennison, the current owner of Woody's Auto Center, started working as the lead tech in 1990. After working as the lead tech for over 11 years, Mike Dennison decided to purchase the shop from Jim Atkinson. In 2001 he was the official (and proud) owner of Woody's Auto Center.

Mike Dennison has been in the auto repair industry ever since he graduated high-school, in 1975. Actually, he started way before that when his grandfather gave him a car and said, "If you want to drive it, you have to fix it yourself"…

After high school, Mike started working for JC Penny's Auto Center and continued to work there even after it was bought out by Firestone…

If you have any questions or need help with your vehicle, Mike and his fully trained staff of technicians are here to help you with your automotive repair or every day needs.

Meet Our Staff

Michael Wade

Michael Wade — Technician